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Family Ties: The Kinnear Chronicles, Book 1

For Alys Kinnear, becoming a Wizard is her life's ambition, but it's an ambition that might just cost her life. Does a country girl from Éire have what it takes to handle the dangerous and inglorious realities that come with being a practitioner in the magic-infused modern day city of London?

She quickly finds herself confronted by street thugs trying to steal her new employer's property, and a client whose home turns out to be built above the remains of an asylum filled with the angry ghosts of former patients. With her new familiars, a pair of snow leopards she rescued from an unscrupulous shop owner, Alys must overcome not only these, but also the day-to-day difficulties of studying to become a fully-licensed Wizard.

And before she knows it, she finds herself tested in ways she could never have imagined.

Newly revised and expanded for this third edition, Family Ties is the first book in The Kinnear Chronicles series.

Now available in Kindle, paperback, and hardcover editions from Amazon! Also available on Royal Road.

Thicker than Blood: The Kinnear Chronicles, Book 2

Life just keeps getting more complicated for Journeyman Mage Alys Kinnear.

Under arrest for the destruction of her home town, Alys finds herself implicated in a string of ghastly murders; but at least someone in Scotland Yard believes her protests of innocence. Detective Ben Donovan enlists Alys and her familiars, Athena and Artemis, to help solve the case and clear her own name.

Or does he have ulterior motives?

Newly revised and expanded for this third edition, Thicker than Blood is the second book in The Kinnear Chronicles series.

Now available in Kindle, paperback, and hardcover editions on Amazon! Also available on Royal Road.

Seasons of Healing: The Kinnear Chronicles Short Story Collection

Seasons of Healing contains three never-before published short stories that continue the adventures of Alys Kinnear and her familiars, Athena and Artemis!

Picking up a few months after the events of Thicker than Blood, Alys returns to work as she recovers from her injuries. But, is she as ready for the dangers that she'll face when she meets The Thing in the Park?

Yule has always been a special time of year for Alys. A time for connecting with her Mother...and now, a time for connecting with her mentor-turned-Stepfather. But, as the after-effects of her injuries linger, will she have A Very Merry Yule?

Spring brings new beginnings as Alys travels to York to investigate the disappearance of a teenage girl. But, as the dangers begin to close in around her and the two police constables she's working with, will they sort out the mystery of the Circles in time?

Now available in Kindle, paperback, and hardcover editions on Amazon! Also available on Royal Road.

The Kinnear Chronicles Omnibus Edition

Collects the first three books of The Kinnear Chronicles in their newly revised and expanded forms.

Available now for Kindle and in paperback from Amazon. Also available on Royal Road.



Drawing on Greek Mythology, Pluto was serial-published a chapter at a time on the web, available to all. Visit Royal Road or to read the whole story!

"Talia Redowl, daughter of the goddess Athena, expected - and definitely wanted - to work for her mother when she graduated. In particular, she was hoping to be assigned as an aide to her older sister, Danae, their mother’s Avatar.

So when Talia’s graduation assignment is to become the Avatar of Hades, the legendarily anti-social and brooding god of the Underworld, she protests…the position has gone unfilled for two thousand years. Why her? Why now? The Fates weave a tangled web, and more is at stake than Talia’s plans for her own future.

But before she can take up her new post, Talia Redowl must die.

Death is just the beginning..."

Coming soon in Kindle and paperback editions!

Cover art by Nakanoart (,



Caley Reid grew up without a home or family, an orphan in a system that was too busy protecting the children it watched over to actually care for them. To her, the words “family” and “home” carry a profound sense of loss and longing. She poured those feelings into her studies, walling herself off from the world and her emotions, becoming one of the best students her orphanage - and later her university - had ever had the pleasure of teaching.

When she learns that her father has recently died, and that she is now due to come into her inheritance, it shakes her to the core. Desperate to learn about the family just beyond her reach, she puts her studies on hold to follow the trail her unknown parents have left for her.

Now she must learn the secrets of her mother’s ancestral home…a home beyond her wildest dreams. And she must discover why her father sent her away when she was born, what ended his life, and what happened to her mother - before those secrets kill her.

Available now on Royal Road. Coming soon in Kindle and paperback editions!